Consisting of two generations, Carns Romeu Ltd is a family-run company with almost 50 years of experience. The company has been growing and strengthening its position in the market to the point of becoming a benchmark in the meat sector in Catalonia.
Our main facilities located in Gelida, Alt Penedès, reflect the efforts that we devote to constant development so as to offer both the best product and service.
We focus our business activity not only on the cutting of fresh meat (beef, pork and sheep) but also the elaboration of our meat and processed products.
We oversee the entire production chain, from the farm to the kitchen by choosing only the best livestock from local factory farms to ensure both quality and traceability of the final product.
Our main added value is ‘extremely precise cutting’ to fully meet the specific demands of each customer. This allows us to provide our customers with the exact grams of both fresh and IQF meat
portions that they need according to each dish price.
In 2016, we introduced a new brand to the company called Pere Romeu Selecció. It emerged from our enthusiasm and desire to go much further and to open up new prospects for a range of
previously selected products.
Pere Romeu Selecció includes both a selection of great gastronomic value products as well as our traditional ones, which we believe are highly appreciated today, since traditional ingredients
enhance original flavour and give life to dishes which, in our view, should be listed on the menus of all restaurants.
We accomplish our mission by delivering quality solutions to meet the high expectations and confidence of our customers.




We work together with local producers
integrating them into our value chain.


Our own large logistic fleet features different transport temperatures, therefore allowing us not only
to reach our customers in time but also to ensure extensive quality assurance.


Almost 50 years of tradition and commitment have consolidated our company as one of the
providers of reference in the market today.


We constantly adapt to the latest trends by incorporating processes, technology and products.


Thanks to our sales and marketing structure, we share with our customers the latest innovations in
the sector.


Products are cut, packed and delivered according to our customers’ needs